Wednesday, June 14, 2006

doctor larissa

so i crossed the bridge. passed the oral defense last week and now you have to call me doctor. there were two rounds of questions from five examiners over two hours. lots of good stuff on the table-- the extra-legal subject, exceptional killings, derridean hauntology, diaspora, homeland, humanism, carnival, modernity, revolution, subalterity, capital, difference, history, liberation, linearity, reception, the Middle Passage, eyes, class, autobiography, pedagogy. wow. i was wrecked by the end. it was great being greeted in the grad lounge by many calgary friends, waiting patiently, beer in hand, for the best possible outcome. much champagne. afterwards, a party at the pink house on 12th st. sorry i fell asleep before midnight. the pumpkin carriage arrived early.


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