Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The house that lack built

Thanks for all the well wishes, folks! I am excited, even if it's hard to remember that in this time of too-much-to-do.

Good news in the kingdom-- Chris Ewart just celebrated the launch of _Miss Lamp_ in Toronto! A couple more parties to go, I believe. And Jordan Scott has been nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Award! Pretty cool, what?

Waiting for the second mover's quote to come in. Man, all this shuffling around of one's person and belongings is stressful. The house in the back is nearly finished and so am I.

Mostly I've been working and fretting, but there have been a few pleasant adventures in the last couple of weeks. A Seder with my roommates and a couple of friends, dinner at Showcase (a fancy restaurant where Kevin's girlfriend Evangelene works), Easter dinners with Ashok, Rita and Hiromi on two consecutive nights.

Eleanor Ty and Christl Verdun have accepted a paper of mine, "Strategizing the Body of History: Anxious Writing, Absent Subjects and Marketing the Nation," for their book _Beyond Autoethnography_. I'm pretty thrilled about that.

Rereading my Foucault (The History of Sexuality)to ground the intro to my diss.

Friday, April 07, 2006

the lacuna in the lagoon

There's a few reasons for all the holes in this blog lately. It's not because the blog is cheese. (Although it may well be cheese. May be it wants to be cheese, like Jason Christie's Cheese Blog.)
I have news: I got a job. As a Canadian Literature prof in the English Department at UBC. That's right, folks, my itinerant days appear to be over. This situation has done for me what arranged marriages used to do for women in feudal China... Tied me down and committed me to a house. I have a one-year postdoc first,at the same institution, and then in July 2007 I'll start teaching. Really looking forward to sharing thinking and resources with all those who come my way, but especially you contemporary poetics, fantastic fiction, anti-racist, queer, trans, feminist, theoryhead and/or anti-globalization folk, if you care to come looking for me.
More news: I'm moving again, next month, to the West side. Talk about class mobility. I'm also trying to finish up my dissertation and defend it in short order because that needs to happen yesterday for all of this to work.
So needless to say, I am also one very busy, stressed out bunny. If I owe you an email, a coffee, a paper or a phone call, I beg your kind patience. I am in a strange kind of survival mode where all action must necessarily be pared down to the basics. Except in those catatonic moments when even basic motion is not possible. Diving down again. See you when this breath runs out.