Friday, January 06, 2006

wireless surrealist cyberpunk

that will be the genre descriptor for my new novel, which i can't seem to name. i wore two normal shoes yesterday, shopping on main street with rita. afterwards we drove back to my place (in the dark vancouver wet) and made spaghetti with putanesca sauce. (oh the trade off-- rain for food). played exquisite corpse with my room mate kevin, and my friend lenny who is here shooting a documentary called "tailor made" about an old chinatown tailorshop and the two elderly men who run it.

the day before, roy took me up to sfu to meet people, get paper work in motion, and set me up in my office. i have a lovely view of indian arm and the snowy mountains behind.

i am learning the city again. everything is in a different order.


Blogger jason christie said...

two normal shoes! hurrah!

8:25 PM  

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